Introduction of my character

Hello all here is an excerpt from chapter one of my book, which is currently in progress. I am feeling so good about the direction this story is going and I wanted to share a little with everyone. Please feel free to give feedback in the comments section below.

Book One, Chapter One. We are just being introduced to the main character Angelica.

Opening her eyes at first the only thing visible was darkness. Blinking, her eyes soon adjusted to the dim light cascading in from what looked to be a vaulted glass ceiling. She was clearly no longer flying high above the trees but standing in the center of an ornately carved marble floor. Looking around she could not see where the room ended, it was large to be sure but the faint light coming in from the glass ceiling above her only extended to the outer edges of the marble floor.

It took her a moment to realize that she was not alone. It was the sound at first that caught her attention, the distinct sound of footsteps and they were coming closer. Her breath catching in her throat she was suddenly very aware of just how scared she really was, but her legs refused to move and even if they could where would she run?


©Alisha Kendall



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