Rise Above

It is so funny to wake up and know that there are people in the world who hate me before knowing me.

To read and to hear these words of anger and ignorance. Judging me; sentencing me to death before hearing the truth.

But you don’t want to hear. You don’t want to know that I am a person free and whole. With fears, choices, and a life only seen through my eyes.

I have only my heart to guide me and my feet to follow as I become the person I am meant to be. There is no guide book, there is no singular path. I must make my own way. Fighting for my life at every turn. Facing my own demons, it is up to me to rise above. To find my own song, dance my own dance, and write my own story.

So who are you to tell me I can’t?

Keep talking your hate for I can no longer hear it.

I am free!

Alisha Kendall


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