Steampunk and Werewolves Oh My!

Have you ever had a book series that you became so enthralled with that it not only became impossible to put down but also inspired physical reactions from you while you were reading it. I am not just talking about laughing and crying when warranted, but those moments where you are almost shaking with frustration or fighting the urge to throw the book down in anger because the character you most connect with is at the present being treated unfairly or placed in a hard situation. Maybe you even find yourself having to put the book down and step away for a moment, you know it is a work of fiction but even fictional characters need the silent treatment sometimes

Personally I love it when the author has inspired such an emotional connection to the characters that when they are being treated unfairly you feel as though it were you in that situation.

930986_originalI am currently reading a series by Gail Carriger called The Parasol Protectorate. I have just finished with the second book in the series called Changeless and I admit I have gotten so connected to the main character and her life that I found myself genuinely upset even angry with the ending of the book. I shall not give away any details, except to say that it is a sudden and sneaky twist to part of her life which seemed to be well and truly settled. I really want to start reading the next book in the series but am slightly afraid to find out what happens next. I absolutely love the way Gail Carrier creates such captivating and relatable characters, especially her female leads. They each have a distinct and important role to play and they do so by being intelligent, strong, and cunning without denying that they are women and proud off it!

This is an author who has inspired me in so many ways and I hope that my books can instill the same emotional connections that hers have done for me. I very much recommend that anyone who is in to steampunk and fantasy read this series, you will fall in love with the world and the characters.

Alisha Kendall


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